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When your baby is first learning to walk, there are can be tumbles, tears, and even boo-boos. Walk-A-Tot learning to walk assistant helps your baby balance naturally with his hands free. He’ll take fewer tumbles, which will help to build his confidence (and yours, too!) as he takes those first steps.

Walk-A-Tots' soft, padded support vest securely fastens around baby’s chest. Straps in front and back ofthe vest provide stability. The straps adjust easily to your reach so you can stand upright and take the strain off your back. (Whew!) And because you’ve got better things to do than take the entire assembly on and off all day long, the straps detach from the vest easily.

  • FAQ


Michelle M.

I'm writing to thank you for creating one of the best products for babies. I'm a new mother with an 11 month old son. When he was only 5 months old I had an accident and herniated 2 discs in my back. Although my son likes to use a walker, I've found that he especially loves to walk without it. In the past I've only been able to walk with him for a few minutes and during that time I was in pain. Now that I am using your walking wings, I can walk with him for much longer without discomfort! The best part for me is not that I don't feel the pain, but the enjoyment it brings to my son.

Jordan C.

Love it and my daughter did as well. It helped her tremendously with gaining stability.

Nick H.

Baby's a little over 6 months and as soon as she got it on she was smiling so big and giggling so loud.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Sami N. 

I bought this for my two year old who has mild cerebral palsy. She needs help strength ring her legs so she can walk. She desperately wants to walk though so thought this product may help. So far she is still getting use to it but it seems to help! The product itself is great and made well. Also fits comfortably on child.

Zach A. 

Order was easy, shipped quick and the product is great!

Rachel R.

Walk-A-Tot has been a lifesaver and a back saver. I had back surgery several years ago and was not able to bend over and hold my sons hands while he was learning to walk. I was out of luck until Walk-A-Tot. My son loves it so much. It was also a great confidence builder while he has learning to walk.


The Walking Wings vest fits a chest circumference of 19 – 26” (48-66 cm).  

Do not use if child’s chest circumference is less than 19” or more than 26”.

Q: What ages is the walker meant for?

A: The applicable age for the safety harness 6 Months - 24 Months.

Q: Will it fit my baby?

A: The safety harness is one size, so it will fit every baby and toddler!

Q: How to clean the safety harness?

A: Not recommended to wash it in the washing machine, only Hand Wash.